How are they cheap?

You are in charge of your payment schedule, you decide how much you will make as a start-up payment. Then, you will decide under how many months you will finish making the payment.

How much do websites cost?

All websites prices are the same, we just make your payment schedules flexible. You decide how much you will begin with as low as K750 or $100 then you dictate under how many months you would want to finish the payments, our system will calculate how much you need to pay monthly to finish paying in full.

What else should I know?

This agreement will attract a 5% compound interest.

What are the advantages?

  • Get your business, venture, organization, company etc online. For as low as K750.
  • Pay flexible on a monthly basis as you are running your business.
  • Get 1 month free of AdMark services.
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Indicate NONE if you have no Company.
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Please NOTE that the down payment installment starts from as low as K750.00
Please state the number of months it will take for the payment to be fully MADE.